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Salesforce Administrator Bootcamp

Do you provide pipeline velocity within your analytics? That was a question recently presented to us by one of my customers. In the 10+ years I’ve been at Salesforce that was the first time I had heard that question.

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A SAQL use case with dates

Lately, I’ve been tasked to build some new dashboards, getting my hands dirty so to speak. I thought I would share one of the use cases I’ve worked on as it involves SAQL and dates. It’s often something I get

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Account Discovery with Cohort Benchmarking

Account Discovery is a new CRM Analytics template in the Spring 23’ release available to Revenue Intelligence customers. Account Discovery is just one feature of Revenue Intelligence for Sales Cloud. As a Sales Leader or Sales

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Bind to ColumnMap

If you are new to bindings aka advanced interactions in CRM Analytics I recognize this title might be slightly confusing, but if you have tried to do measure or group bindings in compact form you will know that the columnMap

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